Subhanshu Mohan Gupta

    Inquisitive | Autodidact | Philomath


Autodidact exploring various realms of Mathematics, Computer Science, their possible combos and real-life applications.

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Competitive Programmer

Online Judges & Contests

I go by the user handle DEVELOPER on various online judges.

June 2019 - Present

Open Source Contributor

Open Source Organizations

I create and contribute to open source projects.

October 2019 - Present



Bachelor of Technology
Computer Science & Engineering

July 2019 - Present

Shree Sanatan Dharm Education Centre, Kanpur

Senior Secondary Education
Informatics Practices


Skill Set

Programming Languages
Web Stack
Mobile Stack
Desktop/Embedded Stack
Operating Systems & Tools


Most of the time I can be found entangled with Mathematics, Core Computer Science, Web Development, Data Analytics, Fine Arts or Education.

I love to spend my free time playing games and exploring new things, etc. My only desire is to do just what is necessary for making this world a better place to live.


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